An employee’s mental health includes how they think, feel and act, and includes their emotional and social well-being. Since 1 in 5 US adults experience mental health challenges, you can expect that this will have an impact on their employee productivity and a company’s bottom line. Let Fortress HR help you establish a workplace environment that is supportive to your employee’s mental health.

Prior to the pandemic, multistate employers already had to grapple with different and sometimes conflicting, leave laws. The coronavirus crisis has added another layer of complexity as federal, state and local lawmakers continue to issue COVID-19 specific mandates. FortressHR stays on top of the ever evolving mandates and helps your company remain informed and compliant.

By 2020, second-wave Millennials (those born 1990-200) will make up as much as 24% of the Western workforce. Younger workers think, learn and communicate differently than previous generations and also typically require more regular guidance, direction and support. Let FortressHR help you identify, coach and retain your future leaders.

Change is all around us and occurs for a variety of reasons. HR has a major role in ensuring that change in your organization is identified, developed and carried out in a respectful way. It is critical to engage employees in the needed change through relationship management, consultation and leadership navigation and communication. Guiding your leadership and employees to embrace change will better enable that success throughout your organization.

Did you know the number one area where employees get the most satisfaction is in the relationships with co-workers, followed by opportunity to use their skills and abilities, and relationship with their immediate supervisor. They were least satisfied with networking and career advancement opportunities. FortressHR will assist in developing a comprehensive strategy to build a better employee through training and development and performance management which leads to employee retention.

The biggest challenge in every business in this early stage is the financial viability. Investing every bit of money you have and can grab because you are never going to have enough in the start up phase. Let FortressHR provide the essential elements to capture real rewards for your business. Company culture, building a team, aligning your organization, leadership development and measuring performance.